Campfire Collection of Cowpoke Poetry

Friday, December 21, 2012

Confession of a Cowboy and his Fatal Attraction

I first met her at the auction in Lubbock, Texas.  I was daydreaming, leaning against the rail, and having a cup of coffee.  I was minding my own business waiting for the bidding to begin.  Out of nowhere, she bumped my arm and coffee went all over my shirt sleeve.  She never said a word.  It didn't matter as I was 'star-struck'.  

Without a doubt she was the most beautiful lady there!  I wasn't the only one who thought so.  There must have been at least five other cowboys hanging around and drooling over her.  She had big brown eyes, long, well-combed hair and was my height.  I couldn't take my eyes off her.  When she turned to walk away all of us enjoyed the site of her backside.

Being three hundred miles away from home I knew I would spend the night somewhere between Lubbock and Fort Collins, Colorado.  I was alone and began to ponder the situation.  I remember the last thing Trixie telling me was to behave as I had crossed the line once before.  I saw the little lady again when the auction finally began and could not control myself.  After much consideration and hearing Trixie's words echo through my brain, I lost control. She was a quiet little thing and just looked like a "Mary".  I didn't care what her real name was, I just called her Mary.  She did not seem to mind a bit.

My new 'friend' was a free spirit and willingly went with me.  My emotions were firing away inside.  I saw the envy in the cowboys' faces as we pulled out of the yard and headed up the highway. A few hours later, I knew the little lass was probably hungry and tired after traveling some two hundred miles north of Lubbock.  We spent the night together!  I had crossed the line, and there was no turning back now.  I enjoyed running my hands through her hair and gently caressing her back side.  She pushed against me like no other.  This was to be the talk of all the boys at the feed store.  I couldn't wait to tell them about it.

The next morning I dropped her off at the crossroads by our north pasture.  She didn't seem to mind a bit being let out in strange territory.  I watched her in the outside mirrors as she walked over the hill and disappeared.  A few days later all the trouble began.  I was feeling guilty and told Trixie what I had done.  She was furious!  She said I had no idea of the lady's background and I could be  in a world of trouble.  She reminded me of the previous time when I did this and I felt guilty.  I still couldn't get that little lady out of my mind.

She had not left the area!  She did not disappear from my life!  She stayed around and caused trouble for Trixie and me.  It seemed every time I returned home from town I would see her.  As I passed her by, on the dirt road,  I saw her flip her head and that beautiful hair would fly through the air.  Then one day it happened.  I found out she was pregnant.  All the boys at the feed store were impressed - but not me.  Times were hard as cattle prices dropped and I wondered where the heck I would get the money for medical bills and then the cost to raise her little one.  I felt sick.  Trixie was correct.  I should have 'behaved' myself.

I guess we are all victims of repeating history.  For me, it was the second time I bought a mare at the auction in Lubbock.  That is what Trixie meant when she said to 'behave' myself.  We did not have the money for another horse and now there was to be an offspring.  I just got caught up in the bidding because all the other ranchers wanted this horse as well.  I guess the next time I go to the auction Trixie will go along - so I behave myself!

Now, I sure enough hope Y'all didn't think there was something else with htis story.

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